Cardiac Kids. Helping Parents Become Heart Healthy.

How It Works


1. School Presentation

Cardiac Kids volunteers and doctors from Stanford Hospital present a Cardiac Kids overview and heart health information to students in gradess 9 through 12.


2. Students Talk With Parents

Students, dressed in their free Cardiac Kids t-shirts, speak with their parents and encourage them to get tested.


3. Parents Visit Our Site

Parents go to to take the American Heart Association heart health test.


4. Online Heart Test

The online heart test leads the parents to the designated toll-free Stanford Hospital Cardiac Kids phone line.


5. Next Steps

Stanford representatives consult the parents on the next steps, including advice, appointments, and free information.



Cardiac Kids is one of the most intriguing ideas I have seen to promote heart health. The brainchild of a high school student, it inspires adults to pay attention to their own risk factors by using a messenger they are likely to listen to: their own kids.”

— Robert C. Robbins, M.D.
President of the American Heart Association Western States Affiliate