Cardiac Kids. Helping Parents Become Heart Healthy.


The History of Cardiac Kids

Makena and TimMy name is Makena Comolli, I am Tim Ling’s God daughter. In 2004, we lost Tim to a sudden heart attack. I was 9 years old at the time – what I remember most was the ache, sadness, and heartbreak in the faces of the many people who deeply loved him. For years, I had no way of reconciling this loss or constructing anything positive from it. The childlike fear that sprung from Tim’s death motivated me to better understand this devastating disease. After researching heart health, I am convinced that it is possible to work with parents to avoid the preventable devastations from this health threat.

I founded Cardiac Kids to harness the power of children and direct it towards encouraging parents to get their hearts tested. Cardiac Kids, in association with Stanford Hospital and the American Heart association, works to make this easy by providing an at home online heart test and designated phone line at Stanford Medical Hospital for any questions or consultation.

My name is Hudson Ling, and I am the son of the inspiration for Cardiac Kids, Tim Ling. Ever since I lost my father in 2004, I've searched for ways to connect with him, through music, athletics, and academics. Above all, however, Cardiac Kids has provided me with the best opportunity for this; not only have I been able to take action for my loss, but also I have helped increase awareness about a disease that has tremendously impacted my life, as well as the lives of many loved ones. In 2012, my high school community lost the bright smile of the talented Justin Carr to Idiopathic Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. He was a friend of mine, and a major cause of my becoming involved with Cardiac Kids. Since joining, I have worked with Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics and with Makena to give presentations to high school students and to raise awareness throughout Southern California. Another valuable goal of mine for Cardiac Kids is to inspire young people to take action for something they are passionate about. My involvement in Cardiac Kids has taught me that we don't have to be adults to help make a difference in the world, although we might be intimidated.


My Original School Project

My Original School ProjectView my original English class assignment from 2004 which served as my inspiration for Cardiac Kids.